The Biggest Mistake Baseball Parents Make.
One of the most common questions I get is from baseball parents looking for advice on motivating and teaching their kids without putting too much pressure.
I did a video on this a few years ago and it's been watched over 4 Million times.
Because we all know how tough it is raising a ballplayer.
Let's break it down...

The Biggest Mistake Baseball Parents Make

Parents, your kid has no shot at playing at the next level if they have no mental game.

As parents, if we're not building our players up, we're getting in there way.

First off, I promise you, not one college coach will ask you what your kid's batting average was when he was 12U.

Achieving some perspective on our player's development is important.

Before starting a professional career, I didn't start in my SR year in high school. Got cut in college and I played in the big leagues.

I spent 14 years in the minor leagues and over 30+ years in pro baseball as a crosschecker for the Diamond Backs and big league scout and mental coach for the Blue Jays.

Want to know what my biggest lesson learned was?

Baseball is the biggest self-esteem destroying sport in the world.

It's so mental it's mind-blowing.

If you learn one thing from my message it's this.

Don't let anyone tell your kid how far they're going to make it in this game because no one knows who a far you'll make it except for god.

Build Our Players Up

This is why as parents, we have to do a great job of building our players up.

Baseball is gonna break them down enough.

Remember, they're playing the BIGGEST self-esteem destroying sport in the world.

Parents, you are your kids #1 coach because you spend the most time with them.

Lastly, you need to familiarize yourself with this training just as much as the player because they learn from you.

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