Steve Springer was the former performance coach & big league scout for the Toronto Blue Jays and founder of Quality At-Bats & QAB Academy.

  • Steve did not start on his high school team.
  • Compiled over 1,600 professional hits.
  • Played over 14 years as a professional.
  • 28 years in professional baseball as a baseball player, agent, and scout.

Who is Steve Springer & Quality At-Bats?

Spring's baseball background includes not starting for his high school team in Huntington Beach, CA. Steve battled to win a spot to play locally at Goldenwest College. Steve's freshman year in college he was 19 years old and got three at-bats.

Between Spring's freshman and sophomore year, he grew four inches. As a 20 year old, Spring got a full ride to the University of Utah. In 1982, Steve Springer was drafted by the New York Mets in the 20th round of the major league baseball draft.

Spring played over 14 years as a professional and compiled over 1600 professional hits. 28 years in professional baseball as a baseball player, agent and scout.

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If I can get you to do 4 things every single at-bat, here's what they would be.

1. Walk up to the plate with 100% confidence.

2. Have an attainable goal to hit the ball hard.

3. Attack the inner half of the ball on a pitch I'm looking for.

4. Help my team win.

The day you say "I don't care what I hit" is the day you play this game with true freedom - calmness, toughness & focus.

Steve Springer - Quality At-Bats

I know now why god had me spend 14 years in the minor leagues... help players get out of their own way. This game is so mental it's mind-blowing, and our ability to play this game with confidence is EVERYTHING.

It starts with creating daily, attainable goals. This is why I talk about the approach, being a good teammate, and being a better comeptitor than you are a player.

If you were searching for more info about me, and you've read this far...thank you. I appreaicte your time and attetion.

I'll leave you with this. Baseball is the biggest self-esteem destroying sport in the world. How good you get at the mental side of hitting will dictate how far you make it in this game.

If you haven't, please take a moment to watch the first video above. I layout some important points that I think you'll find some value in.

Hit ball hard you win.

Compete with confidence.