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Who Is Steve Springer?

Who Is Steve Springer?

Hey everyone! I'm the former performance coach and scout for the Toronto Blue Jays and current scout for the Oakland Athletics.

I played over 14 years as a professional player and compiled over 1,600 hits between the minor league and major league level with the Mets and Indians.

Currently I travel the country sharing what I've learned after 30+ years in professional baseball as a player, agent and scout.

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Build Confidence.

1. 90% of hitting is how you feel when walking up to the plate.

2. Power is the most overrated tool if it can't be done consistently and to all parts of the field. 

Power comes after we learn how to be great hitters first.

If you want to play with less tension, anxiety, and pressure and more confidence, toughness, and focus - work on your mental game! 

You can start with getting access to our library of pep-talks and video tutorials guaranteed to improve your performance at the plate!

Hit For Power.

The pitcher is the test, and loose muscles are quick muscles. We learn how to play with less tension, anxiety and pressure and more calmness, toughness, and focus by taking control of our breathing!


"I started working with Spring in college. Wish I had started in high-school! Get your son in this academy!"

A.J. Pollock 

Arizona Diamondbacks - MLB All-Star

"When I'm in a funk, Spring knows he's getting a call. Thanks Spring!"

Nolan Arenado

Drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the 2nd round of the 2009 amateur draft.

"Got your information in 2006. Loved it and applied it. Thanks Spring!"

Ben Zobrist

Chicago Cubs - MLB All-Star

"Springer connects the dots for me. He makes this make sense!"

Paul Goldschmidt

Arizona Diamondbacks - MLB All-Star - Drafted in the 8th round

"Bombs, Doubles & RBIs. Want the 5th at-bat. Thanks Spring!"

Mark Trumbo

Baltimore Orioles - Drafted in the 18th Round

"Spring, I listened to your training almost everyday in the minor leagues! Thanks!"

Daniel Murphy

Washington Nationals - MLB All-Star


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