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  • - HD Streaming Bat Speed Hitting Drill Videos
  • - HD Streaming Mental Toughness & Confidence Pep-Talks
  • - Top College Coach QnA Interviews
  • - College Recruiting Advice w/ Coach Trent
  • - College Coach & Big League Interviews
  • - Pitch Recogntion Tee-Drills & Discoussions
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See What Members Are Saying

  • I have been using Steve Springer's QAB principals with kids I have been coaching to have a mindset of being hitters, to learn from their at bats, and focus on what they can do to square up a sphere with the cylinder, nothing easy about it, but the right mindset goes a long way to starting success.
    Andy Herrick- Baseball Parent
      Andy Herrick
  • Steve, You helped my son go from having one of the toughest years in his young baseball life to one of his best. Do you and/or your favorite player a favor and buy this now!
    Victor Luera - Baseball Parent
      Victor Luera
  • Spring's baseball advice is cutting edge and fun to learn. Game changer. You gotta join.
    Ted Wison- College Player
      Ted Wison
  • Quality at bats has been a huge hit with our players. We implemented this system last year with our players and not only did it help them better understand the game of Baseball and situations that are in front of them at the plate but it raised their CONFIDENCE!
    Nick Hammons- Baseball Coach
      Nick Hammons

See What Big Leaguers Are Saying

  • I started working with Spring in college. Wish I had started in high-school! Get your son in this academy!
    A.J. Pollock Arizona Diamondbacks - MLB All-Star
      A.J. Pollock
  • When I'm in a funk, Spring knows he's getting a call. Thanks Spring!
    Nolan Arenado- Drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the 2nd round of the 2009 amateur draft.
      Nolan Arenado
  • Got your information in 2006. Loved it and applied it. Thanks Spring!
    Ben Zobrist- Chicago Cubs - MLB All-Star
      Ben Zobrist
  • Springer connects the dots for me. He makes this make sense!
    Paul Goldschmidt- Arizona Diamondbacks - MLB All-Star - Drafted in the 8th round
      Paul Goldschmidt
  • Bombs, Doubles & RBIs. Want the 5th at-bat. Thanks Spring!
    Mark Trumbo- Baltimore Orioles - Drafted in the 18th Round
      Mark Trumbo
  • Spring, I listened to your training almost everyday in the minor leagues! Thanks!
    Daniel Murphy- Washington Nationals - MLB All-Star
      Daniel Murphy
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Mental Hitting discussions, stories and tips to take your mental game to the next level.

Listen To The EXACT topics that Spring talks about with major league all-stars about the mental side of hitting.

Each track will be on a different mental hitting topic each month!


30+ Videos On The Most Common Hitting Mistakes & How To Fix Them.

Are you great in practice but struggle once the game starts? Tired of making the same mechanical & approach hitting mistakes?

Nip these swing viruses in the bud and start allowing your approach, swing and mentality to work for you instead of against you!!



Finally, The Exact Steps To Doubling Your Bat-Speed & Power While Increasing Your Contact Consistency & Fixing Your Swing Viruses!

You're Going To Love These Bat-Speed Hitting Drills w/ Mark Brooks.



Coach Mongero & Coach Springer break down the college baseball recuriting process, how to get a scholarship and the most common pitfalls to avoid while getting exposure, getting recruited and choosing a school.


15 guides that will equip you with what you need to become a well-rounded hitter.

Develop Hitting Intelligence! Cultivate Hitting Knowledge, Eye Coordination & Confidence - While Steadily Becoming The Smartest Hitter On Your Team!

Read it, apply it and see the progress!


Hear the stories of big league ballplayers, their routines, tricks, and journey to the bigs!

Think how a pro thinks. Learn what it's like playing pro ball! Find out how players like David Nick, Kevin Pillar & many other professional ballplayers are making it to the next level by listening to their stories and advice.

It’s not as hard as you think!

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