Learning how to stay calm at the plate starts with having a plan to compete with more calmness, toughness and focus with less tension, pressure, and anxiety.

Great hitters achieve calmness at the plate by:

  • Watching the pitcher & hunting pitches
  • Having an attainable goal to hit the ball hard 
  • Being aggressive up in the zone w/ less than two strikes.

1. How to watch the pitcher & hunt pitches -  Hunting pitches means understanding a pitchers tendencies so that you can be selectively aggressive. The pitcher is the test. He'll give you the cliff notes is you study him. During the game, you don't have 4 at-bats, you have about 20. The other 15 or so are when your buddies are hitting. Watch - The - Pitcher!

2. How to have an attainable goal to hit the ball hard - I get it. You want to have fun, get hits. But it's hard to get hits when you're playing with tension, pressure, and anxiety.

Starting today, get rid of the batting average. If you hit the ball hard, you win. If you get a hit, it's a bonus.

Trust me, the more balls you hit hard, the more base hits you'll get, and the more you'll understand these how to stay calm at the plate, tips.

3. How to be aggressive with the ball up in the zone w/ less than two strikes - I haven't seen you hit but my gut says 90% of your strike-outs end with you swinging at a breaking ball in the dirt.

How do we avoid this? We look for something UP IN THE ZONE!

If it starts up in the zone, it ends in the strike zone. If it starts low and it's a breaking ball, it's going to be in the dirt.

You have to learn to sit on something up in the zone. This is how you achieve plate discipline.

How to stay calm at the plate. Recap

How to stay calm at the plate.
How to stay calm at the plate...

I see too many hitters throwing away at-bats because they're trying to pull pitches they shouldn't be pulling.

When you're constantly hitting weak ground balls to the pull side or you're chronically in front of pitches, it's most likely because you're pulling pitches you shouldn't be pulling.

You're timing is off. Let's fix this now...

When you attack the inside part of the ball, you put yourself in the best position to make consistent solid contact.

In this video in the Hitting Secrets of the QAB Academy, I'll demonstrate how you can practice this in your next hitting session, team practice or while training by yourself.

This video is titled: Using the Whole Field.

It's probably the most important concept I go over when I work with players 1 on 1.

Listen closely as I describe the mental process behind this incredibly powerful hitting principle.

Hitting isn't violent, violent. It isn't controlled, controlled...

If you want to get to hitting with confidence FASTER, join over 3,000 hitters who are training their mental side of hitting, bat-speed and hitting I.Q. in the  >>> QAB Academy


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