Well first of all, congratulations to anybody in the playoffs this year  because that means you did something right...

...and the more times you get your teammates to get the same mindset that we have at Quality At-Bats Academy - to walk up to play with confidence with a tangible goal to hit the ball hard and help the team win, the better off you're going to be.

High School Playoff Teams Used QAB

I spoke to a team during my last road trip, a high school team...

...they found out I was in their neighborhood. They said, "will you come talk to our team, we have a playoff game tomorrow."

...all of a sudden, I go there and they win the playoff game.

Nobody thought they were going to win.

How To Hit With 100% Confidence - steve springer
How To Hit With 100% Confidence - steve springer

They win the next game and they end up going to the finals against the powerhouse and then end up losing five to three. But it's the first time that they were in the finals and now they're in another playoff and they won their first game.

So when you get 20, 25 guys, showing up to win the game, and getting 25 competing guys to show up to win the game, you're gonna win some ball games.

It's like I said in my CD, everybody's favorite day in baseball is opening day and playoffs because there's no yesterday to get in my way and it's not about me. It's about me helping my team. 

You still want to play to win the game. You don't want to play with anxiety, tension and pressure because that's what we all do. We get a little tight. It's calmness, toughness, focus. And that's going to create some funness if that's a word, lol.

How To Hit With 100% Confidence

You've heard me talk about the mental side of hitting.

You've heard me share what I believe are the 4 things that will keep you from underachieving at the plate.

4 things that if mastered, will get you to the next level. Period.

These four things are important because hitting is about CONFIDENCE.

So the question is, how do we get more confident?

You master these four things, then you'll hit with 100% Confidence

Remember, I could give you a mechanical lesson every day for a year but if your approach SUX you just wasted that year. I believe that.

Get your mind right.

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