I was scrubbing through some messages in my Insta DM and I found a handful of questions about Hitting Mechanics V.S. Approach.

Let's break it down...

A hitter struggles at the plate, what's the first thing we do?

We tinker with the stance, swing or wonder if we're using the right sized bat.

Listen carefully.

Hitting is about the approach, the mind and then the mechanics.


Because I don't care if you have the perfect swing and all the confidence in the world if your approach sux, your mechanics will break down and you'll lose your confidence.

Here's what you don't want.

A $300 bat with a $2 hitting approach.

That's a sure way to underachieve at the plate.

Here's what you do want.

An approach to hit the ball hard, attacking the inner half with a goal to help your team win.

If you get a hit, it's a bonus. There's my philosophy on hitting mechanics V.S. approach.

This is how you achieve real confidence at the plate.

If you're still not convinced, watch me talk about Mechanics VS Approach here.

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A Scouts Perpective on Hitting Mechancis VS Approach

Well for me when I was scouting with the Diamondbacks and scouting the amateur players, when I went to a showcase in Jupiter, it was me and about 15 other scouts there.

All the colleges were there. It was a huge showcase in Jupiter.

Here was my perspective. I'm not going to go through 60 teams and try and take notes on every single player. My take when I go to one of those tournaments is to find a player who does something that makes me look them up. Somewthing that make s them stand out.

Here's the advice. If you're a player, make me look up who you are.

I'm not going to look up everybody's name. Obviously when you go out and scout, you do a body check. You're looking for good athletic bodies. Not that you have to be six foot four, but you need to have a little bit of presence to you.

I love the analogy of scouting big tournaments...do something to make me look up who you are.

Having good hitting mechanics V.S. approach helps but sometimes it might be as simple as taking a good swing and fouling it straight back, and it looks right.

It might be taking a ground ball where you got some actions, or your arm work is good, or you got a good running stride.

Last tip. Remember, you never know who's watching.


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