Get the question often on this topic - "Hitting w/ Confidence & changing what you think success is".

When is everyone’s favorite day in baseball?

Opening day and playoffs.


Because there’s no yesterday getting in the way of today.

Remember, no one is in trouble so quit playing like you're in a 3 hour time out.

When we learn to play with calmness, toughness & focus, now we're not going to lose the game because the wrong guy is showing up.

When I talk to Paul Goldschmidt, or Grichuk or Goldsmith or Trumbo, all the guys that call me, I remind them that this is all about having fun in baseball. This is all about getting great at showing up with the right guy competing with confidence.

I got a great story. AJ Pollock goes 0 for 6 one night, tough night, I get a text from him he said Spring, "I felt great tonight. 0 for 6, this game will kick you in the nuts."

I said - "yeah, it will bro". lol.

This is why you change what you think success is, right?

This is why it's not about you it's about helping your team, and if you bring any one of those 0 for 6 at-bats into tonight, you're not getting what we talk about.

Back to the story - so AJ doesn't start that game and he gets a pinch-hit in the ninth or I think the 13th inning. He hits two-run bomb against the Marlins...

...and then the next day he's 3 for 4 and it's the same thing.

THEN - Randal Grichuk shoots me a text picture that he's watching the game. He's listening to my CD. The night before he went 0 for 5 against Matt Harvey, and I think he punched out five times.

Gets his mind right. That's over, new day, new game, new pitcher, new hero mentality.

He's not going to let non-competent Grichuk show up, right?

And he goes 3 for 4 with two doubles and a triple, 2 for 5 last night.

Hitting w/ Confidence & changing what you think success is.

Hitting w/ Confidence & changing what you think success is.

This game, if you're looking to play pro baseball, it's amazing how mentally tough we need to be, and these are big leaguers and now we're talking about high school playoffs.

Let's not play tight, right? Let's play good defense. I guarantee you more teams are gonna lose this game because of bad defense and not being ready to defend, than getting hits.

It's all about pitching and timely hitting and planning to win the game.

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