Dear Baseball Parents,

After 30+ years in pro baseball as a player, coach, and scout, I believe more than ever that baseball is the biggest self-esteem-destroying sport in the world.

While at the plate, I hit the ball right on the screws, but it went right at someone so I didn't get a hit.

According to baseball, I failed.

But I hit the ball right on the screws!!

I beat the pitcher, the pitcher knows I beat them - the pitcher's Mom knows I beat him, but since I didn't get a hit, my batting average goes down and so does my confidence.

This is such a mind screw!!!

We have to change our definition of success from hits to hitting the ball hard.

Look, I get it. We all want to get hits and to hit .350.

Believe it or not, I'm trying to help hitters get their highest batting average, but in order to do that, I believe we have to shift our focus from getting hits to:

  • competing with confidence
  • hitting the ball hard
  • building up teammates
  • having Quality At-Bats

When all of our focus is on getting hits, we invite tension, pressure, and anxiety.

When our focus is on hitting the ball hard and helping the team win, calmness, toughness, and focus arrive.

Parents: Make sure your kid knows that you love them and love watching them play regardless of the outcome.

Players: Stop making it about you! Hit the ball hard, you win. If you get a hit, it's a bonus!

If you're great in practice but struggling in the game, get your mind right!

Let me be your personal mental hitting coach for a year.

Let me be your personal mental hitting coach for a year!

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