Most baseball parents and coaches want to put their kids in a microwave instead of an oven.

Parents and coaches! Your players aren't going to be the next Mike Trout or Bryce Harper tomorrow!

Playing baseball at a high level is a slow bake...

We don't get there in a day, month or season.

As parents and coaches, we have to help them develop a real love for the game.

We have to help them build a mental approach.

We have to help them develop instincts.

This season, help them develop an Opening Day Mentality.

Each game should feel like the first game of the season. No yesterday or bad at-bats to get in the way.

How do we do this?

We help them develop a mental game.

Let me be your personal mental hitting coach for a year.

Join the QAB Academy and get access to over 200+ videos and audio training on the mental game of baseball, bat speed, and approach.

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