My inbox is full of emails with the subject line "Baseball Parenting Advice & Bad Coaches..."

I get asked a lot what my opinion is of travel baseball, my thoughts on baseball parenting advice, and dealing w/ Bad Coaches. (Johnny Testosterone)

I think it's great if it's done the right way. If it's done by a coach and his staff that isn't"Johnny Testosterone Guy". In other words, a coach who cares about development instead of winning, period.

Parents, if you have a coach who yells at a 12-year-old or under, get away from him. He's not coaching them, he's humiliating them in front of his peers. (This goes for you too šŸ˜‰

If they yell at an eight or under ballplayer, shame on that coach.

This is why players quit at 13 because of the pressure that's being put on them by "Johnny Testosterone Coach".

This causes tension, pressure, and anxiety for the player. Not a recipe for confidence. Rather, it's a recipe for underachievement.

Baseball Parenting Advice & Bad Coaches

When Travel Ball is done right, we're building them up, helping them change what they think success is while learning how to be great competitors.

Now Travel Ball becomes an incredible learning tool.

Last week, the most listened to Hitting Whisperer session was on dealing with BAD or challenging baseball coaches.

In this session, you're gonna learn how to deal with these coaches in a way that's gonna give you a boost in confidence.

Every player deals with this type of coach sooner or later...

You might as well be prepared...
It's titled: Dealing with micro-managing coaches. Being coachable while still playing your game.

Mental Side of Hitting & Baseball Parenting Advice. Dealing W/ Bad Coaches...Ā 

If you love your abilities but your abilities aren't showing up it's not your abilities fault, it's about the mind.

Be a better competitor than you are a player. The great thing about competing is that it requires ZERO talent!

Hitting is about confidence. The question is, how do we create more confidence.

If you want to get to hitting with confidence FASTER, join overĀ 3,000 hittersĀ who are training their mental side of hitting, bat-speed and hitting I.Q. in theĀ >>>Ā QAB Academy


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