When I get the email from the dad who say's "My kid just can't pull the trigger at the plate!"...I give him these 2 advanced hitting approach tips for youth ballplayers playing with tension, pressure and anxiety instead of calmness, toughness and focus.

Today - I'm gonna go over 2 advanced hitting approach mistakes that I see a lot of young hitters make, especially while facing dominant pitchers.

They walk up to the plate w/ less than 100% confidence because their goal is to get a hit...

...then they go into a slump because they're basing their success on whether they got a hit or not.

It's a trap.

2 Advanced hitting approach tips.

Do me a favor - I'm going to make this short, so read it twice.

1. Take the "if" out of your swing.

Hitters are thinking "if" it's a strike I'll swing, instead of "this next pitch is going to be a strike and I'm going to hit it hard".

See - if you think "if" it's a strike, it'll be too late. It's a strike until it's not.

2. New game, new pitcher.

Hitters are letting yesterdays bad game or 0-4 effect today's game.

Yesterday is the past and has nothing to do with the most important game of the season. Today's game.

Instead - think, New Game, New Pitcher, New chance to be the hero.

Clean slate.

The Mental Side of Hitting A Baseball By Steve Springer...

If you love your abilities but your abilities aren't showing up it's not your abilities fault, it's about the mind.

Be a better competitor than you are a player. The great thing about competing is that it requires ZERO talent!

Hitting is about confidence. The question is, how do we create more confidence.

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Hope you enjoyed these 2 advanced hitting approach tips!


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