There are two common reasons why you're late on pitches. You're either:

  1. thinking that you will swing "if" it's a strike instead of "it's going to BE a strike and I'm GOING to swing."
  2. your feet are too fast. (Stride is too big or you're lunging)

Let's break these two down real quick.

1. Not Ready To Hit.

Most hitters are late on the fastball because they’re not ready to hit.

They’re thinking they’re gonna swing IF it’s a strike instead of...

…it’s going to be a strike, and I’m going to take a controlled, violent swing on a pitch I'm looking for.

The mentality needs to be, Yes, Yes, Yes, No.

Instead of maybe yes, maybe no.

I’ve said it before, if you can’t put a good swing on a fastball, go play soccer! Just kidding...sorta.

If you find yourself late on pitches, make sure you have the right mentality.

This is why I say being a better competitor than you are a ballplayer is important.

Be the best competitor on the field.

2. Your Feet Are Too Fast

You've heard me say it a CHILLION times...

"Too many kids are playing this game with tension, pressure, and anxiety instead of calmness, toughness, and focus"

This is why the game seems to quick for some players.

Do you want to be more consistent? Then slow the game down.

Wanna make an 85 mph fastball look 95? Speed your feet up.

Wanna make 95 mph look 85? Slow your feet down and keep your head quiet.

When it comes to mechanics, hitting is slow feet, fast hands, quiet head, attacking the inside part of the ball w/ a tall back-side.

DONE. There's my mechanics.

If you're mechanically sound, and your approach is right, but your pitch recognition is poor because you have too much head movement, you're hosed!

You can have the sweetest swing in the world but if you're not seeing the ball, you're throwing away at-bats.

You won't be able to apply anything you've learned and trained for in practice. Period.

The Solution: Selective Aggressiveness & Slow Feet

What we're really talking about is being selectively aggressive while seeing the ball as BEST as we can.

The great thing about this is, you don't have to be the next Mike Trout to see the ball well with the right mindset. 

You train for it.

In this QAB Academy video, I'll help you solve any approach or mechanical issues related to missing pitches you should be CRUSHING.

It's titled: Lunging [Members Video]

Lunging At Tthe Plate
Lunging At Tthe Plate

Applying what I teach in this video will save you countless hours trying to figure out why you're underachieving at the plate during the games when you look great in practice.

If you want to get to hitting with confidence FASTER, join over 3,000 hitters who are training their mental side of hitting, bat-speed and hitting I.Q. in the  >>> QAB Academy


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