Here's my Youth Baseball Quality At-Bats Tip of the day...

Sometimes, things don't go my way.

Even after putting in the work.

This is why I say "being a better competitor than you are a player is a must."

This is also why I say "mechanics are important, but if you don't have the right approach or mindset, you will underachieve", period.

But what do you do when the approach is right, the mindset is good and the mechanics are solid and you still aren't performing?

Simple. Don't quit. That's my youth baseball tip...

If you decide today that you're not quitting, it'll be impossible to fail.

Quitting is NOT in my vocabulary. 

Lastly, If you want to stay in the funk you are in keep looking at your stats if you want to get out of the funk, play today like it’s opening day.

Remember opening day means there's no yesterday beating you up.

New game, new pitcher, new chance to be the hero.

I'll leave you wiht this...

I promise my career started when I said "I dont care what I hit".
The batting average is the biggest trap in baseball.
I still hit between .260 and .290 but my production doubled becase I went into "I dont give a crap mode".
Unfortunately I was 30 when I figured it out or else you probably would have heard of me. lol

Spoiler alert: Quitting is Soft.

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