I'm going to prove to you that you don't have to be 6'2 to be a big leaguer or to be a great ballplayer by sharing with you what you can learn from Jose Altuve.

First of all, how tall is Altuve? 6'5? NO!

He's lucky if he's 5'6 w/ a good pair of cleats.

Here's the thing - he could shrink two inches and still be an all-star.

You don't have to be TALL to play this game.

It's one of the things I love most about this sport...

...it' about being a great competitor.

Work ethic, being a good team-mate, have the right mindset and approach...requires ZERO talent.

Is talent important? Sure.

But there is a BIG reason why you see a player who gets drafted in the 1ST round never making it out of A-BALL while a guy who just got drafted in the 50th round ends up playing 10 years in the big leagues.

It's because IT'S ABOUT THE MIND!

If what I'm saying makes sense, listen to this video on what I think all players could learn from Jose Altuve

 There's no magic dust to making you a great ballplayer but having a great mental game helps. Believe it.

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