What is the most important thing you could ever say to your kid?

I get that question foten. I also get the question from baseball parents, "What are some things I can say to my player to motivate them without putting too much pressure on them". 

Here's what I got.

The Most Important Thing You Could Ever Say To Your Kid.
The Most Important Thing You Could Ever Say To Your Kid.

*Remember to share your "go-to" phrase.

We all love our kids, don't we?

We'd do anything for them. They're our "little messiah".

Well - I can tell you right now, more young players quit before 13 because of the pressure that's put on them by the ones who love them the most.

Us parents & coaches.

An Important Baseball Hitting Principle

Baseball is the BIGGEST self-esteem destroying sport on the planet. We need to do a great job of building our players up.

This means, in the car, on the ride home from the ballpark, at the dinner table, before or after home-work - these are moments when you need to show that you care.

Watch this video & listen to me share what I believe is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you could ever tell your ballplayer.

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Reply Below: What's your #1 thing you say to help build your player up?

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