Received an email today with the subject line: Baseball Parenting Advice? I get this type of email AT LEAST once a month...

Parents, we love our kids, don't we?

We want them to be the next Mike Trout. I get it.

I wanted my kid to be the next Mike Trout too. Didn't happen. He ended up being the next Milton Bradley Jr in Dustin Pedroia's body. LOL.

Here's the thing parents...

...I want your kids playing this game when they get their young man body.

The MOST important thing that you could ever tell your young ballplayer is, "I love you and I love watching you play."

Baseball Parenting Advice
Baseball Parenting Advice

The trick to good baseball parenting is getting rid of the tension, anxiety, and pressure in their life.

They did not come out of the womb with tension, anxiety and pressure.

Calmness, toughness, focus creates "fun-ness."

When you're having fun, you play well. When you play well, you become confident, and if as a baseball parent, you know that when you're confident you play well to.

It's a snowball.

If it's not fun, they're going to quit. Trust me, as I said, I get the emails all the time. We've got to make it fun.

We got to make the kids realize that this is a game still. They're going to sense your anxiety and tension and pressure, and if they sense it on you, they're going to feel it also.

If your kid is playing for Johnny Testosterone coach, the yeller, and screamer, consider getting them out of the 12U program because I'm telling you when you yell at a kid, 12U player, you're not coaching him, you're humiliating him in front of his peers.

I said this in a video about two months ago that got 4.6 million views on Facebook in three days because it's real.

The #1 Baseball Parenting Advice

Build them up, break them down and coach them, and build them back up again. That's what we need to do.

That's the coach that we need to be with. They are 12U. If they win the Burger King Championship, trust me, nobody cares.

I promise you the top colleges in the country aren't going, "Hey, what'd little Johnny do today? Oh he went 0-4?? Off the list." No! lol.

Build them up and make it fun.

It's the greatest sport in the world. It's the greatest "life lessons" sport in the world.

Teach them how to compete, teach them how to fail, teach them how to be a good teammate. Too many kids are quitting at 13 years old because the pressure that's put on them by the one who loves them the most, us parents.

So let's make the most positive atmosphere we can..

...and I'm not saying everybody gets a trophy cause I don't believe in that.

But you know what? Let's help the confident player to show up every single day with calmness, toughness, and focus while having some fun.

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