"Spring, my son is sitting the bench in high school baseball. What do I do?"

I get this question all the time.

Here are my two responses...

1. Practice like you're in the game

During batting practice, take groundballs and fly balls like you're in a game and when the game starts, cheer for your teammates.

Then when the coach calls your name, be ready because he will eventually.

2. Think BIG picture

I didn't start my SR year in highschool. I got cut my freshman year in college, and I still ended up playing in the big leagues. Long road? Sure but here's the thing...

....you never know how far you're going to get in this game and you never know who's watching.

I believe EVERY-SINGLE-BALLPLAYER reading this has a chance to play college baseball.

Not everyone is going to play in the big leagues BUT college baseball is completely within the realm of possibility

There are so many schools looks for ballplayers that can play...

...but if you're not in the starting lineup, use this as an opportunity to:

  • make your teammates better
  • develop your instincts
  • be known as a "gamer"
  • study the pitcher's tendencies
Sitting the bench in high school baseball.

The beautiful thing about all of this? It requires zero talent.

That means you have no excuse for not getting better every year.

No blaming the coach, team, equipment, injuries. There's always something to work on.

If you're sitting the bench in high school baseball, youth baseball or even at the college level...

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