You're probably searching for advice on Quality At-Bats Tips for baseball and softball parents. Good. I got you covered.

Been thinking about what are some of the attributes of a great baseball parent.

Trust me. I get the emails from the parent who thinks their kid is the next Mike Trout...

...and don't get me wrong, I get it. We all want what's best for our kid.

But when I get the email from the parent who just wants to raise responsible players, using baseball as a tool to get them there, I get amped.

So with that said, here are some tips that I've noticed have helped parents with the right mindset.

6 Quality At-Bats Tips for baseball and softball parents.

1. It's okay for other parent's kids to have success too. Your kid will get their shot. 

You are your kid's #1 coach because you live with them. The beautiful thing about this game is that your kid will be evaluated every day by someone, whether it's a coach, different ball club or recruiter.

Two things I've learned about baseball, one, you never know who's watching and two, you'll get an opportunity to shine.

2. Your kid's career will go by in a blink. Enjoy the car rides. 

You've heard me say it before... ..."Baseball is the biggest self-esteem destroying sport in the world."

A kid makes an error, the other team is cheering, the coach is yelling and now he has to ride home in the car with you. Instead of the browbeat, build them up and remind them that you love em and you love watching them play.

You won't always have that chance.

3. Teach them to work on their own w/ a Tee.

I wasn't a big Tee guy, but hands down, the best way to work on attacking the inner-half of the ball is with a bucket of balls and a Tee.

4. Encourage them to be great teammates.

A player who focuses on helping their tea win first is a player who is able to play this game with calmness, toughness, and focus.

It's that player who makes it about them, that starts playing with tension, pressure & anxiety.

5. Let them play other sports.

What's the benefit of playing multiple sports? It teaches you how to compete.

The better competitor your kid is, the longer they'll play. Have them become better competitors than they are players.

6. Teach them the mental game.

If playing in the big leagues was based on talent, every player drafted in the 1st round would play 10 years in the big leagues.

Is that what happens? No. 

This game is so mental it's mind-blowing.

Teach them the mental game.

They will thank you for it. I guarantee it.

Your Turn! What's the biggest lesson you've learned throughout your kid's career so far? Reply and let me know.

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