QAB: Coaching Baseball

After 30+ years as a player, coach, and scout. Here's one thing I've learned about baseball. It's so mental it's mind-blowing. In this QAB: Coaching Baseball posts, my goal is to help you find a solution to some of the most "coaching baseball" related questions.

Are your players great in practice but struggling in the game?

Are they playing with tension pressure, and anxiety instead of calmness, toughness, and focus?

QAB: Coaching Baseball w/ Parents & Players

Have too many kids been taught that the goal of playing HS baseball is to achieve an athletic scholarship?

I believe that baseball is a tool to teach young kids how to become responsible adults.

To learn how to play the game while making it less about "them" and more about the team.

To become a better communicator and to learn how to enjoy the entire process.

Playing at the next level is important.

I also believe that though you might not play in the big leagues, there's no reason why you can't get an education out of this game.

There are so many players looking for players that can play.

It all starts with being:

  1. a good teammate.
  2. the best competitor on the field.
  3. a player with an opening day mind-set.

QAB: Coaching Baseball w/ Dads

I speak to a dad of a 12U ballplayer the same way I spoke to MLB all-stars...

...and it almost always starts with the mental side of baseball.

Mechanics are important but when I get asked what my "philosophy" is on the mechanics, here's what I say.

Hitting is slow feet, fast hands, quiet head while taking a controlled-violent swing on the inner-half of the ball.

There. I'm done with the mechanics.

Then it's back to the mental side.

When I played pro ball, I bailed, lunged and had a bad eye but I could hit because I was a great competitor.

If you want to play pro ball one day, there are two things you better be good at.

  1. Hitting the fastball.
  2. Being the best competitor on the field.

If you can't hit the fastball, go play soccer. šŸ˜‰

If you're not the best competitor on the field, work on your mental game until you are.

It's a choice.


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