QAB Baseball - Baseball Parenting Advice: Parents here are four baseball parenting advice pieces that will help you avoid the ultimate mistake...which is regret.

We are our kid's #1 coach because we live with them and they need to know we care before they care what we know...

Baseball Parenting Advice#1: Stop yelling at the umpire.

I get it. Some umpires suck, but when you yell at an umpire you're hurting your kids. I have never seen yelling at an umpire turn into a positive, but I have seen it hurt a team because now an umpire has a chip on their shoulder.

Baseball Parenting Advice#2: Let the coach do their job...

...and hope their heart is in the right place. I promise you, the last thing a coach wants is your opinion.

Hopefully, you're playing for a team that puts development over winning and I know that's not always the case...

...but again, you're hurting your kid if you don't respect boundaries. You have to let them, coach. At the end of the day, what matters is how great of a competitor is your kid becoming. That's what gets him to the next level.

Baseball Parenting Advice#3: Build your kids up.

It's mind-blowing how often I see parents yell at their kid for not performing, and this is why we lose them before the age of thirteen. Because of the pressure that's put on them by the ones who love them the most. Us baseball parents.

We need to back off and we need to do a better job of building them up.

Make it fun.

QAB Baseball - Baseball Parenting Advice
Baseball Parenting Tips

Baseball Parenting Advice#4: Use the most effective phrase.

One day, your kid's baseball career will end. The last thing you want to have is regret. Wishing that you had been more positive or less critical.

We need to hold them accountable and we need to push them, but not at the expense of them playing for the love of the game, instead of to please you...

...because it's not about you. It's never been.

Never let them forget that "you love them and you love watching them play".

Baseball Parenting Advice Video: Are You An Overbearing Baseball Parent

Baseball Parenting Advice Video Transcript:

The overbearing parent...

Parents let me give you a little tip: when your kid's in little league, I know we all wanna be the next Mike Trout, I did too, I want your kid playing at 13 years old, cause too many kids are quitting at 13 years old because of the pressure that's put on them by the one who loves them the most, us parents and Johnny Testosterone coach yelling at my seven year old...

...Let's make it fun up until you're 13.

When you're in high school, I promise you parents, your coach does not want to hear from you unless you're giving him money to raise money for uniforms. LOL.

Be Willing To Take a Step Back.

You're out of the picture at high school. So let's build them up when they're young. I could talk "mental side of hitting" all I want to your kid but If you're at home being Mr. Negative or Mrs. Negative and all of a sudden the kid becomes oil in water, it's gonna be hard for him.

We all need to be on the same page by getting your kid to be the best competitor on the field with an attainable ball, hit the ball hard and help his team win.

When you tell your kid this is not about you, it's about you helping your team today, trust me, this is when the ability's gonna come out in your kid.

But all of a sudden, oh it's all about "me" and I'm yelling in the stands, I'm yelling at the umpire. You know what I've never seen in the history of baseball? A parent going at an umpire and the umpire saying, "You know what, ma'am, I missed that one. I'll give him the next one."

You're pissing him off. You're hurting your kid when you yell at an umpire.

I remember when I first started scouting with the Diamondbacks when I stopped playing in like 1996, and I went to my first high school game, and I was mind blown how these parents, the umpire couldn't make a call.

Somebody was yelling at this guy.

Hopefully he's trying and doing his best. He's probably 21 years old working at Burger King anyways, and we're sitting here yelling at the guy thinking it's gonna help my kid.

In Closing

No. Let's just be good parents, and let's be a supportive parent, and let's build our kids up and make it fun again...

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