Pitch Recognition, Tee Work & Focus Tips At The Plate

Hey guys. Springer here and we have a new update on Pitch Recognition & Focus Tips At The Plate Tips At The Plate.

This will be a game changer for you.

Meet your new QAB instructor!

Pitch Recognition & Focus Tips At The Plate

20+ HD Streaming Training Videos w/ my good friend Coach Trent Mongero!

First of all, if you don't know Trent Mongero, you've been hiding under a rock, or just not on Twitter. lol.

Don't worry - we'll get you caught up on what's new in baseball training.

Trent has been coaching high school baseball by choice for over 20 years and is one of the most successful high school coaches on the planet...

We finally got him to walk us through some heavy-hitting advice on:

- Pitch Recognition
- Swing Tune-Up Hitting Drills
- Focus & Competing
- How to be an EOTE (Elite Of The Elite)
- The College Recruiting Process & How To Get A College Scholarship

If I had this advice when I was young, trust me, you would have heard of me.

Maybe I wouldn't have been an all-star, but I would have been a big leaguer for longer. Period.

So here's the interesting part...

We're going to give away a free QAB Checklist Poster. This means you'll have a shot at having your favorite QAB Motiovational quote on your wall.

All you have to do is leave your BIGGEST takeaway in this Trent Mongero lesson on pitch recognition, tee work and  focus tips at the plate.

Watch & Leave a Comment: Pitch Recognition, Tee Work & Focus Tips At The Plate [HD STREAMING]

Let's Get Started

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Lasty - if you're looking for more free tips on pitch recognition, you'll love this article and video titled: 2 Baseball Vision & Eyesight Training Lessons

Check it out and leave a comment below.

Trent Mongero Quote:

Prerequisites for being an “elite” hitter:

  • - off the charts toughness
  • - superior eye-hand coordination
  • - quick twitch muscle fibers
  • - ability to quickly adjust
  • - short memory
  • - efficient swing mechanics
  • - strength
  • - pitch recognition
  • - superior body control
  • - discipline
  • - care

Remember: None of these require god given talent. It's a choice.


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