Steve Springer Motionvatioal Hitting Quote
Steve Springer Motionvatioal Hitting Quote

Confirmed - You're Going To Have A Great Mental Game, this year.

How do I know this?

Because I've been keeping an eye on how many people have logged in to train their mental game with the mental hitting pep-talks inside the academy.

I've also been seeing the number of members who've achieved their Daily QAB Login Streaks!

If you don't know by now, logging in 10 days in a row will get you a QAB prize. This month it's a FREE "Hit Ball Hard You Win" Shirt.

Lastly, I've also noticed that a lot of members have been watching Coach Mongero's video on Pitch Recognition & How To See The Fastball, which in my opinion is some of the best info on pitch recognition.

Watch: Pitch Recognition- How To See The Fastball. [Members Video]

After watching this video, leave a comment with your biggest takeaway.

QAB Update: I'll be back in the cages with a whole new set of Mental Hitting Pep-Talks.

What are some topics you'd like for me to go over?

REPLY to this email and let me know.

Remember: Hitting is about the approach, the mentality and then the mechanics.

You can have a great swing and all the confidence in the world but if your approach sux, you're mechanics will break down and you're gonna lose your confidence.

Make sure you're approach is based on competing w/ 100% confidence w/ an attainable goal to hit the ball hard and help your team win.

If you get a hit, it's a bonus.

Hit Ball Hard You Win!


Pitch Recognition

If you want to get to hitting with confidence FASTER, join over 3,000 hitters who are training their mental side of hitting, bat-speed and hitting I.Q. in the  >>> QAB Academy


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