Here's is my "Important Advice for Coaching Youth Baseball" Rant!


You're not gonna be the next Tommy Lasorda coaching a 12U team.

Make it fun.

Look, I get it. Kids need to be held accountable...

...but if you're a coach and you yell at a 12-year-old or under, you're not coaching them you're humiliating them in front of their peers.

Quality Coaching

Build them up, break them down, build them up again.

When you praise them, praise them in front of their teammates.

When you get on em, bring them to the side.

Parents, this goes for you too.

Important Advice for Coaching Youth Baseball.
Important Advice for Coaching Youth Baseball.

There's nothing worse than a brow beat in the car on the way home from the game after going 0-4.

I promise you, USC is not panicking if your son goes 0-12.

Baseball is the biggest self-esteem destroying sport on the planet.

Let's help them become the best competitor on the field.

They need to know you care before they care what you know.

Build them up

There's a reason why we're losing more youth ballplayers before the age of 13. It's because of the pressure that being put on them by the ones who love them the most. Youth baseball parents and coaches.

If we truly want what's best for young ballplayers, we need to know when to back off.

How hope you injoyed this important advice for coaching youth baseball tip. If it makes sense, watch the video!

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