Let's talk about "How to master timing at the plate".

Hitting is about timing.

Pitching is about upsetting a hitters timing.

If you want to be a GREAT hitter.

Get great at being on time.

You might be thinking “Spring, how do we do this”.

Here’s how.

the menal side of hitting quality atbats

How to master timing at the plate #1

Assume every pitch is going to be a strike because if you’re thinking it might be a strike, you won’t be ready to hit.

Watch the pitcher & hunt pitches because the pitcher is the test and he’ll give you the Clif notes if you’re watching the pitcher when your buddies are hitting.

Let the ball travel with an approach to use the big part of the field because most hitters get themselves out by pulling pitches they shouldn’t be pulling.

Listen to me talk a bit more on this in this video below.

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Remember: Hitting is about timing. Pitching is about upsetting that timing.

You have the right timing by having the right approach.

You get the right approach by practicing the right mindset and having the right goals.

Compete with confidence. Everyday!


When it comes to Baseball Vision & Eyesight Training, it's MIND-BLOWING how seeing the ball better helps our calmness, toughness and focus levels as hitters...

...and vice versa.

I get the question all the time.

"Spring. How can I get my kid to hit for more power??"

Power comes when you become a good hitter first.

Aaron Judge. Giancarlo Stanton. Justin Smoak. 

These guys have STUPID power.

They literally could hit the ball out of the park like it's nothing.

So then why don't they hit a home-run every at-bat?

Well - one reason is that sometimes when they make contact, they're hitting the wrong side of the ball.

Learn how to master timing at the plate...

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