I often get the question on topics relates to "How to Get a College Baseball Scholarship."

What showcases should my kid attend?

How do you choose the right school?

How do you get exposure?

You've heard me say it multiple times...

..."not everyone is going to play in the big leagues but you can't tell me you can't get an education out of this game."

The reason why I say this is because there are SO MANY college baseball programs in the U.S...

...and they're looking for ballplayers.

So with that said, here are three "How to Get a College Baseball Scholarship" tips...

1. Have Instincts

After 30+ years in pro ball and traveling the country to talk about the mental side of hitting, I'm convinced that if you want to play at the next level, what it really comes down to is instincts.

Do you have them?

You better hope so because playing this game is hard enough with instincts. If you don't have them, you're hosed.

Sure - you could spend $3,000 on recruiting services and get some helpful guidance and exposure or you can spend $9 a month (33 cents a day) or $97 for a year (26 cents a day), and get solid, actionable college baseball recruiting tips that will hopefully help you avoid common pitfalls 

Coach Trent Mongero and I will talk about EVERYTHING we know on the college baseball recruiting process inside the QAB Academy.

Trent has worked with 100's of high school players over the years and has seen countless players sign college and professional contracts.

2. Be the Elite of The Elite

When it comes to playing at the next level, you'll realize how important it is for players to become an EOTE (Elite of the Elite).

An EOTE as a plan of attack using consistent work as a tool.

Consistent work with a plan of attack. Being willing to train game speed.

Do things that others only talk about. That’s how you improve.

Get 1 % better every day.

Improvement is not like fast food. It takes months ... that add up to years.

3. Reject The Easy & Average

Champions are different and because of this they reject easy and average.

They want no part of either.

Once a person truly believes this and lives this, they are ready to take their training and performance to a whole other level.

4. Join the QAB Academy

You can stream this course in HD anytime in the QAB Academy.

In fact, you can start with this video below.

It's titled: Parents Role In The Recruiting Process. [Members Video]

"Want to be great? It’s about the sweat equity. The work. So few are willing to pay the price but yet, so many say they want greatness. Doing vs. talking... always has separated average from champions."

-Trent Mongero @coachmongero

How to Get a College Baseball Scholarship.
How to Get a College Baseball Scholarship.

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