I realized I needed to write up a post on "How To Develop 3X Bat Speed. Slow Your Heart Beat" after opening up my DM.

How To Develop 3X Bat Speed.
How To Develop 3X Bat Speed.

How do you speed up your bat-speed? You slow down your heart rate. A slow heart rate is between 60-80. The only time I want your heartbeat over 80 is right after you hit a triple.

Your heartbeat is slow because your muscles are tense.

How To Develop 3X Bat Speed.

A tense muscle is a slow muscle, and loose muscles are quick muscles.

What this really is about is hitting with calmness, toughness and focus instead of tension pressure and anxiety.

How do we get there?

Get great at breathing. Sounds simple. Sounds intuitive, but we take it for granted. We focus on the mechanics, the bat, the batting gloves, the new stance that the coach is making us use...

...no. It's about competing. It's about being a better competitor than you are a ballplayer.

Confident Player VS Non-Confident Player

There are two players in every hitter. Confident hitter and non-confident hitter.

"How To Develop 3X Bat Speed. Slow Your Heart Beat."

Non-confident hitter sux, but confident hitter helps their team win every, single day.

Get great at showing up to the field with the right player.

Opening day, every day. There's no yesterday beating you up. No bad at-bats getting in the way of the most important game of the year. Today's game.

Calmness, toughness, and focus, leads to funness.

When you're having fun, you're confident. When you're confident, you play well.

How To Develop 3X Bat Speed. Slow Your Heart Beat

Lastly, If you're playing with tension, pressure, and anxiety...breathe, get rid of the batting average and focus on helping your team win.

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