How to deal with batting slumps.

How do you deal with batting slumps?

Trick question.

They don't exist.

Not for you.

Only for players who care about their batting average...

...and for players who make it about "them".

Not you though right? 

We're here to have fun. We're here to play with relaxed concentration.

Also - we're here to take controlled violent swings and nothing will change that.

It's just all about winning the game. 

The batting average... know it's a trap.

We can't have a goal where you do everything right and can still go 0-4.

It's a mind-screw.

What do you do instead?

You go into "I don't give a crap what I hit" mode.

You go into "being the best competitor on the field" mode.

It's funny how often I get an email about a player who lead the team in Quality At-Bats who also lead the team in batting average and production.

Be a great competitor and the stats will take care of themselves.

Lastly - I think watching the pitcher was one of the biggest career changers for me.

Training how to hit, learning how to study for the test...

...learning how to get 20 free at-bats is realyl what it's about.

It's called free at-bats.

They don't count against you, so I'm going to start thinking with the pitcher I'm going to start thinking, "you know what, I'm sitting breaking ball here."

More often than not, I was right. I know as coaches, you could sense it. You know that this guy's already chased a breaking ball to get his first strike.

Most of the time how a pitcher gets his first strike will follow up with that pitch. Especially if you looked stupid on the previous swing.

If you're swinging at an 0-0, breaking ball, that's not even a strike. I'll bet you if we kept data on it, I'll bet you over 70% would be that once you get two strikes, it will be that same pitch.

If you" in a so called "slump" read this twice.

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