Want to learn how to become a consistent hitter w/ Quality At-Bats? Get great at showing up with 100% confidence.

A bad swing doesn't kill at-bats, bad approaches do.

You know what else kills at-bats?

  • Trying to get hits instead of hitting the ball hard with a goal to help your team win.
  • Trying to hit the fastball, curveball, and changeup all at the same time. Looking for nothing, swinging at everything.
  • Thinking you're going to swing ONLY IF it's a strike instead of assuming it's going to be a strike and you're going to take a controlled violent swing.

As a coach, I'd rather have nine guys with average swings but a great approach and mind-set over nine guys with great swings but an average approach and mind-set.

First of all, a great approach and the ability to compete with confidence beats a good looking swing, every time. Period. If you want to be consistent, become a hitter who's a better competitor than they are a ballplayer.

How To Be a Consistent Hitter

Hitting the ball to all fields.

Using the big part of the field.

Not trying to hit the fastball, curveball and changeup in an 0-0 count.

Understanding points of contact for each pitch in each zone.

These are some of the marks of a good hitter.

If someone made a list of all the things that force hitters to underachieve at the plate, not knowing how to attack the ball in each part of the zone is up there at the top of the list.

Lastly, the sooner you can understand and master this part of hitting the sooner you can get to focusing on being a great competitor who helps his team win.

Why not nip this in the bud?

You can start with this training session w/ Coach Mark.

He did a video that dives a bit deeper into this hitting principle.

It's called: The 3 Ball Drill


Was I a consistent hitter. Approach wise, yes. Mechanically? No. I bailed, lunged and had a bad eye but I could hit because I believed I was the best competitor on the field.

Learn to stop having yesterday's game beat you up today, this is how to have more quality at-bats while becoming a more consistent hitter.

In all, when get this part right, and you'll play this game for a long time.

Remember: We give ourselves way to much credit to remember what we're taught. If there a hitting tip in this video that makes sense, listen to it twice and write it down.

Get great at being a great team-mate and you'll get your knocks.

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