Knowing how to make baseball fun starts with having the right priorities.

If more kids would play this game to have fun instead of to play in the big leagues, more kids would play in the big leagues.

The goal is to play this game with more calmness, toughness & focus which leads to "fun-ness", instead of tension, pressure, and anxiety which leads to underachieving.

When you have fun, you get your knocks in. This is how you make baseball fun.

motivational baseball coachng and parenting tips to make basebal fun
Baseball Motivation

It's funny how the players with the most quality at-bats at the end of the year tend to be the ones with the most hits and highest batting average.

Think about that one for a sec. Then go out and make baseball fun, for you.

How do you get labeled a "great player? when it’s all said and done? You do it by not being perfect everyday or great everyday. You do it by good, consistently with daily attainable goals.

It's about the mind. This is how you get to the next level of baseball, by being a better competitor than you are a ballplayer.

If you love your abilties but your abilties aren't showing up, it's not your abilties fault. It's your mind. Get your mind right. 

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