Hitting Weak Grounders?
Hitting Weak Grounders?

Hitting Weak Grounders? If your swing looks good and you're making consistent contact but you're still hitting weak ground balls, my gut tells me you're hitting the wrong side of the ball.

Calmness, Toughness and Focus.

First of all, this isn't football.

Playing baseball isn't running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

You play this game with your heart beat between 60 and 70 at all times.

The mind is locked in. I think that's the biggest thing I see between amateur hitters, and even at University of Texas when I worked with those players.

They got some good players there.

But the difference with big leaguers....is the heart beat. It's relaxed. It's being able to slow everything down. I think that we want it so bad at times that we get our heart beat so high. We get that, "middle line backer compete" instead of "free safety compete."

But once you learn how to play this game with some calmness, toughness and focus...then it's about competing with confidence.

Be a Betetr Competitor Than You Are A Ballplayer.

Most hitters don't. In other words, you have the wrong approach or worse, no approach at all.

This is why I say the right approach fixes your mechanics.

This is why I saw hitting is about the approach, the mind and THEN the mechanics, in that order...

...because you can have the SWEETEST swing and all the confidence in the world but if your approach sux, you're going to lose that confidence and your mechanics are gonna break down.

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