Get the email in my inbox with the subject line "How To STOP Striking Out So Much?." Happens all the time. I believe sometimes the hitter doesn't strike out on the third strike...

...sometimes, I believe, it's the 1st or 2nd. The fast-ball they shouldn't have taken.

The hanging breaking ball they shouldn't have missed.

I believe that strike-outs often times happen because:

  1. The hitter is pulling pitches they shouldn't be pulling.
  2. The hitter isn't ready to hit. (They're not assuming the next pitch isn't going to be a strike.)

Here's exactly how you solve both.

  1. Let the ball travel and use the big part of the field. In other words - drive the ball up the middle.
  2. Assume it's going to be a strike. Not "if" it's a strike but it's going to be my pitch and I'm NOT going to miss it. (THINK: It's a strike until it's not)

Make sense?

Good. Listen to me touch on this a bit more with a bat in my hands.

Remember: When your compete level goes below your ability level trust me you will underachieve.

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