4 Principles To Help Reinvent Your Swing
4 Principles To Help Reinvent Your Swing

If you love your abilities but your abilities aren't showing up, it's not your abilities fault...it's your mind. Master these 4 principles to help reinvent your swing...

If you're hitting weak ground balls or got the strike-out bug because you're swinging at balls in the dirt...

...you're probably trying to pull pitches you have NO BUSINESS pulling.

This is why I say, "hitting is about the approach, the mind, and then the mechanics". In that order.

Why? Because you can have the greatest swing on the planet and all the confidence in the world, but if your approach sux, you're going to lose your confidence and your mechanics will break down.

The right approach cleans your mechanics.

If you're not hitting the ball hard, with complete authority while taking a controlled violent swing...you have to make sure your approach is on point this year.

What's the right approach?

1. Walk-Up To The Plate With 100% Confidence By Having An Attainable Goal To Hit The Ball Hard.

By changing what you think success is from getting a hit to hitting the ball hard, you're able to play this game with freedom.

2. Attack The Inner-Half Of The Ball.

Staying inside the ball, you get backspin. Now, your hard contact percentage goes up.

3. Look For a Pitch You're Going To Get Instead Of What You Want.

Is it easier to hit one pitch when you know it's coming or three when you don't? Stupid question right.

Then why are we trying to hit the fastball, curveball & change up all at the same time? Hunt pitches, until it's time not to. How do we know when it's time not to? You watch the pitcher. He's the test.

Lastly, you have to remember...

4. It's Not About You.

When you make your at-bats about you, tension, pressure & anxiety starts creeping in.

When you make it about helping your team win, you achieve calmness, toughness & focus...which leads to funness.

Remember: How great you get at competing with 100% confidence will dictate how far you make it in this game.

If you want to play baseball at the next level, master the mental game and remember, it's not about you, it's about helping your team win.

Do this and you'll get your knocks in.

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