Front Toss, Tee or Overhand: The Biggest Batting Practice Mistake.

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Been getting a lot of emails asking for my opinion on how to take productive batting practice.

What do I think of Tee work, front toss, and live B.P? Personally, I think it all helps as long as you're working on attacking the inner half of the ball.

Earlier in my career, I almost never hit off the Tee but now I would.

The biggest mistake with Tee work is guys not training to pick up the pitcher in their pre-swing movement. I'm going to touch on this a bit more in this video.

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QAB Video Transcripts:

Front toss, tee work, overhand toss, what's the best? 

Everybody's got a preference. I wasn't a big Tee guy. I almost never hit off a tee.

Maybe nowadays I would. I was a big underhand flips kind of guy.

Nowadays everybody wants to overhand and I get it.

You get a little bit more velocity on the ball.

The idea is to try and make it a game situation while creating a controlled environment at game speed, but I wouldn't just all of a sudden stop doing flips or front-toss because I believe if you're doing flips and you do it hard, you're creating a game like situation.

Think about it like this, what do you think a sinker does? It's similar to the front-toss. Hitting front-toss or tee-work, I believe is a preference for every hitter.

I think that as long as you're getting swings and doing some visualization, I think the big thing with tee work where guys make mistakes is they just "stare" at the tee and now there's just too much inner rotation. 

Now you're reinforcing bad pitch recogntiion habits.

When you're doing tee work, or flips, just make sure that you visualize that the pitcher's on the mound.

Hope you enjoyed this Front Toss, Tee or Overhand: The Biggest Batting Practice Mistake video!


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