Two hitting MISTAKES that cause SLOW hands.
Two hitting MISTAKES that cause SLOW hands.

Here are two hitting mistakes that cause slow hands.

There's nothing worse than the feeling of slow hands...

...except maybe low confidence. Sometimes slow hands give you low confidence.

What's my take on mechanics?

It's simple. It's slow feet, fast hands, quiet head, taking a controlled, violent swing on a pitch I'm hunting.

There. That's my mechanics spiel.

The Improper Load

You know what you see nowadays a lot is "dead hand hitters".

There's very little to no movement in their stance and load. In other words, the load is incorrect. Not enough separation away from the body.

This is what I really talked about with these guys about standing between your knees and hitting between four and six. I use this analogy...

...if the pitcher is one, the catcher is ten, here's my neutral stance right in the middle.

My load and separation comes back to "six" to hit up against "four".

A lot of these kids, they go from neutral five to two. They cheat themselves out of a little bit of power.

We'll touch on this in the video...

Now - there are a number of things that cause slow hands.

Not having the right approach is one, but here are a few more.

BTW: If there is only one thing you take from this video, let it be this.

Hitting is controlled violence.

Preparing In The On-Deck Circle & Looking In The Stands.

Lastly, as far as being on deck and getting loose, I remember I can't get this one kid off my mind. He's even played probably 15 years in the big leagues. We would go scout him and he was always looking in the stands. He was always looking who he was there.

It bugged the crap out of me. Keep your eyes on the pitcher. Watch the pitcher man. Get in front of the game. He was always looking to see who was watching. It was so noticeable and it was a turn off for me.

Master your load and separation and don't worry about who's in the stands. Period.

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