Recently, I tweeted about what I believe is The Second Biggest Mistake Ballplayers Make. Before I get into it...

...Pop Quiz!

Is it easier to hit ONE pitch when you know it's coming or TWO when you don't?

Easy question right?

So then why am I trying to hit the fastball, curveball, changeup in an 0-0 count?

Hands down - this is the #2 reason why you struggle at the plate, even w/ a good swing.

Swinging at everything. Looking for nothing?

I believe what gets hitters out more than anything is they're simply not ready to hit.

Let's dive into this right now.

When we walk up to the plate not knowing what our approach is, we're leaving our at-bat to chance.

If we're not hunting fastballs until it's time not to, we're probably still throwing away at-bats.

This is why I say, hunt the fastball until it's time not to.

In my mind, it's the Second Biggest Mistake Ballplayers Make.

When is it time not to? Either w/ two strikes or when the pitcher gives you their sequence.

How do you know the sequence? You WATCH the pitcher!

Have a plan. Avoid common hitting mistakes. Compete with 100% confidence. 

Get your mind right.

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