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Mean while. Here is my breakdown of some important Quality At-Bat concepts...

1. What is the most important thing about a hitter's performance?

The compete level. Baseball is the biggest self-esteem destroying sport in the world. As a scout, I want to see a player with instincts. How good you get a competing with confidence will dictate how high of a level you play.

2. What does a solid approach at the plate look like?

Our ability to attack the inside part of the baseball is how we make consistent solid contact. When we’re pulling pitches we have no business pulling, we end up with the weak ground ball pull-side. Great hitters use the whole field!

3. What is the BIGGEST trap in baseball?

The biggest trap in baseball is the Batting Average. How can you have a goal where you do everything right and still go 0-4? Makes no sense. We have to change what we think success is from getting hits to hitting the ball hard. Hit ball hard, YOU win!

What's Your #1 Baseball goal this year?