Sitting in my inbox the other was a question related to "Mental Hitting Slump Tips For Parents..."
Parents: We'd do anything for our kid, right?
They're our little messiah. We'd do anything for them.
But we're still seeing players quit before they reach the age of 13 because of the pressure that's put on them by the ones who love them the most, us parents and coaches.
We need to build them up because this game will break them down enough.
Take the time this summer to make sure you're building them up... that the gas money, gate fees and hours spent under the sun isn't for nothing.
Players, now it's your turn.

Mental Hitting Slump Tips 

You spend hours in the cage.
You spend time watching video of the opposing pitcher...
...lifting heavy in the weight room.
Then watch what you eat and get your rest.
Now - how's your mental game?
Are you going to walk up to the plate with 100% confidence every, single at-bat this year?
Are you going to have the same level of confidence after going 4-4 w/ four doubles as you will when you're 0-4 w/ strike-outs?
I believe you can.
It starts with changing how we think from getting hits to hitting the ball hard w/ an attainable goal to hit the ball hard.
Here's how you do it.
Remember that there are two players in every hitter. 
Confident player and Non-Confident player.
Next - remember that 90% of hitting is how you feel when walking up to the plate.
Make sure the confident player shows up.
Make sure you're walking up to the plate with 100% confidence... playing every day like it's opening day.
you do this and you will not underachieve.
If you made it to this part of the email...good. It means you're serious about your career.
Now, read this email again until it sinks in.
P.S. Sure, every player as a limit to their potential but few players reach it.

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