To get started:

You will be dubbed QABYOURNAME for your youtube channel but can name the channel anything you’d like fo course. Calling you QABYourname just helps with our email marketing. We can leverage anyname of your business you'd like us to promote as well.

We’ll set you up with a youtube channel if you don’t have one.

Get an affiliate link at clickbank.

Send us a 10-15 short video course on hitting mechanics, approach or anything specific that you’d like to teach for our QAB Academy. We can take care of the editing as well if you’d like.

Any additional videos you do on Youtube and Instagram, we will use our platform to drive traffic to your Channel and social media platforms. You keep 100% of all ad revenue on Youtube and possible paid sponsorships on your Instagram.

So you’ll essentially will be compensated two ways.

1. With your 50% commission per month.

Currently 3 tier price points are $9.97 monthly, $87.97 yearly and $397 lifetime

So for example if you bring in 100 people at $9.97 you’ll have $500 deposited to you per month for as long as the members you bring in stay in. 

If it's a yearly member, youd immediatly get $43.

We run a tight ship in the academy with an average staying in the academy for about 2.5 years.

2. Youtube revenue.

We’ll help you build a youtube channel if you don’t have one already by embedding your videos the blog section of our website for marketing, driving traffic to your channel from our newsletter(over 50,000 subscribers) Facebook(60,000 followers) Twitter(50,000) and Instagram. (Only 12,000 but growing fast)

To get your affiliate link, all you have to do is setup an account at

You’ll need:

First Name

Physical Address


Banking info if you prefer direct deposit instead of checks.

Next, search Quality At-Bats Academy in the Marketplace section of Clickbank and setup your personal affiliate link.

You can use that link for any and all branding in images and on social profiles.

You can use bitly to shorten the link as well.

Sidenote: You ‘ll know your affiliate link is active when you use the link and see your username listed at the bottom of the check out page.

You will be paid either monthly or every Wednesday as long as your deposit is over $50 otherwise it carries over to the next pay period.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Excited to have you be part of the QAB Crew!

Quality At-Bats Academy

Steve Springer

Mark Brooks