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Steve Springer -Quality At-Bats

Presented by

Steve Springer

Former Blue Jays Mental Hitting Coach & Big League Scout.

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9/8/2020, 5:00PM PACIFIC

In tough times, we can still find ways to get better to be the best competitor on the field.

Join me as we discuss important mental hitting principles LIVE with a QnA afterwords!

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"When I'm in a funk, Spring knows he's getting a call. Thanks Spring!"

Nolan Arenado


"I started working with Spring in college. Wish I had started in high-school!"

AJ Pollock


"Springer connects the dots for me. He makes this make sense!"

Paul Goldscmidt


Parents: I am sharing this because Steve Springer's message was absolutely one of the most important things that happened to me as a dad/coach. His materials is for you and your kid - please tune in and load up on his material. I'm not just plugging the man, I really know that you need this in your life!

Gabe Meiki

Baseball Dad

If hitting is about confidence, the question is - "how do we create more confidence?"

If you love your abilities but your abilites aren't showing up, it's not your abilities fault. It's your mind! Let's get it right!

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Here's a small sample of what I'll be covering when you join me Live!

The Biggest Trap In Baseball

Listen to me discuss what I believe is the biggest trap in baseball that causes hitters to play with tension, pressure & anxiety instead of calmness toughness and focus.

Quality At-Bats

Discover the four things that you can do everyday to become the best competitor on the field with 100% confidence.


Have a question? Ask me at the end of the presentation.

We'll make sure to answer every question.

Steve Springer -Quality At-Bats

Hosted by Steve Springer

Steve Springer is the former performance coach & major league scout for the Toronto Blue Jays. 

After not starting in high-school his SR year, getting cut in college, Springer was drafted by the Mets after a break out Junior season. 

After years in the minor leagues, Steve eventually collected his first major league hit with the New York Mets. 

Steve played over 14 years as a professional baseball player and compiled over 1,600 professional hits. Over 35 years in professional baseball as a baseball player, agent and scout. 

He now travels and speaks across the country about the mental side of hitting while working and training with major league all-stars. 

He resides in Huntington Beach CA, and is the author of Quality At-Bats and the founder of Quality At-Bats Academy.