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30 Mental Hitting Tracks

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January 24, 2021

RE: how to get your players to consistently walk up to the plate with confidence.


Hi coach,

I know what it's like to experience struggles at the plate both as a player and coach.

Even though I played in the big leagues after not even making my high-school baseball team...

...I still played 11 years in the minor know why? Because I didn't have a mental game.

Don't let this happen to your players. We're playing the BIGGEST self-esteem destroying sport in the world...a failure man's game. If we don't have a solid mental approach we're hosed.

That's why I've been emailing you guys. To help you help your players develop a mental approach that works.

I appreciate your support.

Steve Springer

Toronto Blue-Jays



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    The Mark Trumbo hitting approach & how to communicate it to your line-up

    Learn EXACTLY what words to use to get your players to walk up to the plate with confidence the way Trumbo does when he's locked in!

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    The MOST evil thing in baseball is one word that ruins more careers than Tommy John surgery. Find out how to keep it out of your team's vocabulary for good.

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    How to build trust and rapport with your ball club.

    Building trust and inspiring players to play for their team-mates is one of the MOST important elements in running an effective baseball program. Learn the best way to do that...

And Much More!

You’re cheating your players if they don’t have this stuff, it’s outstanding!

Clint Hurdle
Clint Hurdle Pittsburg Pirates Manager and former Major League Player

Springer connects the dots for me. He makes this make sense!


Paul Goldschmidt
Paul Goldschmidt Arizona Diamondbacks - Drafted in the 8th round
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