Here's my letting the ball travel trick that will get you to swing with controlled violence and confidence, period.

Guys like Harper, Trout & Judge...who have STUPID power are masters of staying inside the ball.

I believe staying inside the ball creates back-spin because you're avoiding the roll-over.

This leads to more "hard-hit balls."

If you know anything about me, you know what I teach.

Hit ball hard YOU win. If you get a hit, it's a bonus.

Hope you enjoy this "Letting The Ball Travel Trick" video.


Remember: I'm Hunting the fastball until it's time not to. Or I'm hunting the off-speed pitch when I think it’s coming-. Is it easier to hit one pitch when you know it's coming or three when you don't? HUNT SPEEDS!

If you love your abilities but your abilities aren't showing up it's not your abilities fault. It's your mind and your approach.

Hitting is about the approach, the mind and then the mechanics.

Get the approach and the mind right, and your abilities will show up.

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