A mistake I see a lot of hitters make that limit their pitch recognition ability is not picking up the pitcher and visualizing someone on the mound during Tee-Work & Front-Toss.

Pitch recognition is important. I would even argue it's just as important as the mental side of hitting because it's hard to achieve confidence if you're not seeing the ball well.

It's even harder to keep that confidence if you don't have an approach to make sure you're seeing the ball well over the course of an at-bat, game or season.

Let's break it down..

The Pitch Recognition Set-up

When we're struggling at the plate to make solid contact we begin to press and our performance suffers even more.

What's the first thing we do after?

We try to figure out what's wrong with our swing while assuming it must be some mechanical issue.

"We're not using our hips enough or we're not being aggressive"!

Or we're being "too aggressive". Noooooooo!

Have you ever thought to ask if you're seeing the ball well?

You can have the best mechanics in the world with all the ability you could ever want...

...but if you're not seeing the ball, my gut tells me you're going to underachieve at the plate.

Tee-Work For Better Pitch Recognition

I'm a big advocate of positioning yourself at the plate the right way to make sure you're able to pick up the ball out of the pitcher's hand in the most effective way possible.

I think MOST hitters short change themselves because when they're doing Tee-work, they don't visualize a pitcher on the mound. This is one of the MOST overlooked parts of a good Tee-Work session.

A lot of times, the way hitters practice reinforces bad habits that force them to struggle at picking up the pitch during live pitching.

Especially with Tee-Work.

Inside the QAB Academy, I discuss one simple adjustment that you can make during your batting sessions that will help you to pick up the pitch out of the pitcher's hand.

This is how you slow down the game. I'm going to show you how in this video.

The QAB Academy Training

Baseball Pitch Recognition Tips & Tricks
Baseball Pitch Recognition Tips & Tricks

It's titled: The “BAD” Tee Drill & The Correction (Members Video)

This session will be a game-changer for you if you watch it and apply it.

Imagine how fun hitting will be when you have the approach, mentality, and mechanics covered along with your ability to see the ball come out of the pitchers hand more effectively.

Remember: Loose muscles are quick muscles. The better you see the ball, the more you'll relax.

Hitting is about competing with calmness, toughness, and focus. If you're competing with tension, pressure, and anxiety, you're going to underachieve. Period.

Parents, we spend $200 on a bat.

$50 on a hitting lesson…

…and thousands for travel ball and when their kid struggles, very rarely do I see them consider whether or not they’re SEEING the ball as well as they could.

You can have the perfect swing and approach but if you’re not SEEING the ball, you’re throwing away at-bats, losing confidence and underachieving because of a problem that most of the time -  has a simple solution.

When you see the ball well, you slow down the game.

The better your abilities, approach and confidence gets, the slower the game will feel.

This is how as hitters, we avoid tension pressure and anxiety, which is the #1 confidence killer.

The video above that touches on seeing the ball better by first learning how to slow the game down.

Anticipate that it's going to be a strike.

Many hitters aren’t picking up the pitch because they’re not expecting it to be a strike.

This is VERY important.

Hope you enjoyed these baseball pitch recognition tips & tricks...

...If you want to get to hitting with better pitch recognition and confidence FASTER, join over 3,000 hitters who are training their mental side of hitting, bat-speed and hitting I.Q. in the  >>> QAB Academy


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