A few days ago, I posted a question. "What's your proudest moment as a baseball or softball parent? Listed below are 15 of my favorite "Baseball & Softball Parents Share Their Proudest Moments" comments.

First off, I asked this question because I wanted to help players understand that they're thier kid's #1 baseball coach because thet live with you.

Player quit because of the pressur that's put on them by the one's who love them the most. Coaches and us parents.

Baseball will break them down enough. We don't need anyone else doing it.

Let's build them up. When you keep it fun and positive, they'll develope and reach their potential.

The third one will crack you up and the last one is a tear-jerker.

If you haven't had a chance to share your proudest moment as a baseball or softball parent, you can share your story below.

Facebook post: Baseball & Softball Parents Share Their Proudest Moments.

15 Parents Share Their Proudest Baseball & Softball Moments.

1. Malissa Costanza Tittle
 "There are a lot of on the field moments that I’ve enjoyed watching my son play... double plays, good hits, stolen bases, and signing to play college ball.

2. Brian Bosch "When coaching our HS Softball team my daughter would council me after tough games, and sometimes during games and it was usually things she learned from your CD!

Very proud of her dedication to the mental side of the game!"

3. Juan Sandoval Jr "When my son was able to run his belt through the belt loops on his baseball pants on his own. 😂😂😂"

4. Abner Rodriguez
 "Too many to name. But this one sticks out. 

When I received a compliment from an opposing parent after a game for my son helping the catcher (her son) while he was up to bat and catcher dropped his helmet.

He shook off the dust for him and held it for him until he was ready to put it back on. Respect and class for the game and opponents. Better than any hit or win."

5. Lynn Aguilar "My son was a buddy for the challenger division and taught a kid to catch!"

6. Matthew Pryce "My son guest played a tournament for another team. Throughout the tournament I had parents come up to me with nice things to say about my son.

In addition, two other parents said my son had nothing but encouragement for their kid after an error or strikeout. Extremely proud."

7. Doretta Walker "A Mom told me that her son never felt like a part of the select team until my son joined and lead. She said he includes everyone and shares with everyone. Tears!!!!"

8. Misty Grillo Milton "Be able to sit in between to field and watch my boys pitch on two different fields. ( they are 4 years apart)

Also, my husband gets to watch as much baseball as he could before he passed away a year ago.

Also, he got to announce our oldest son’s high school baseball game for two years."

"Let's Change The Culture Of Youth Baseball" - Steve Springer

9. Rachel Howard-Wright
 "My oldest son’s 12-year-old Little League All-Star team was knocked out of the semi-finals of the state tournament when a kid hit a walk-off home run out of the park.

The first thing my kid said after the game was, “What an awesome moment for that kid."

He’ll remember that for the rest of his life.” He’s always been able to be happy for other people’s success. Also, at almost 17 years old, he’s still the same sweet kid. 

10. Angela Sterling Bailey "When a younger players parent came to me and said how much they appreciate the positive influence my son has been on their son. Next, their son had told them so many positive things their son says my son taught them. Baseball related and life lessons too."

11. Matthew Allison
 "He was pitching in a “ big game” and he gave up a grand slam which cut their lead to two. He kept his composure and got the next two kids out. Overcoming adversity!!

12. Mike Eklund "My son played up in a 2023 -3 tournament this weekend and had an 11 pitch at-bat with the bases loaded. It resulted in a passed ball for a run, a wild pitch, and a single up the middle for a run. I say that’s a Quality At-Bat"

13. Jeremy Gracey "When my 8th grader hit a ball to the right side of the infield behind the runner! Yes, it was a sure out for him at first.

"Baseball Is The Biggest Self-Esteem Destroying Sport In The World." - Steve Springer

This is a kid who in the past who would have gotten mad because he was out. He is understanding that sometimes an out is a good thing. Small things win games!"

14. Susan Lake
 "Mine is more of an overtime thing. My son was a pitcher through 18u. He used to let things get to him. He developed the maturity to work through it and not let bad calls or small strike zones, errors in the field get to him.

However, I used to be a nervous wreck when he pitched, but once he developed that maturity, I was able to sit back, and RELAX. He was never cocky, he just didn’t get rattled. 

One year in 18u he was up against a really good hitting team. Their pitcher was ridiculous, he was arguing with the ump over his strike zone, throwing his head, making a big scene.

My son kept calm, stepped off the rubber to gather himself if needed, and ended up throwing a complete game which we won. It was polar opposite composure examples from the pitchers."

15. Josh Whittenton "Just walking out of the park behind both of them wearing my old number."

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